University of Alcala (UAH) is an ancient university founded in XVI century, with old and beautiful buildings and convents used now as Faculties. Wide range of courses. International and cosmopolitan atmosphere with many international students. Close to Madrid and airport, with excellent transport system.

Studies in Electronics, Computing and Telecommunications Engineering, Business and Economics, Philosophy and Letters, Biology, Environmental Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, Laws, Documentation, Chemistry, Tourism, Nursery and Physiotherapy, Architecture and Geodesy, Sports Sciences, Pedagogy.


  • Students: 16000 Undergraduate Students, 13000 Graduate Students,
  • Foreign students: 5700 international students for Latin-America, Europe, United States and China.
  • Staff: 2100 Teaching and Research Staff, 800 Administrative Staff, 450 Research Assistants, 140 Research Groups.
  • Studies: 38 Undergraduate Degrees, 46 Research Masters Programs, 25 PhD Programs.


Activities and experience of the partner organisation in the areas relevant for this project:

University of Alcala (UAH) has a relevant experience and expertise in activities related to the promotion of placements, scholarships and relationships with companies. There are different ways to implement these ones according to the regulations. In the case of placements, UAH students in last Bachelor and Master year have the possibility to apply for a placement position. Thus, some degrees have this type of activities addressed as Compulsory or Optional subjects.

Some figures about the collaboration between UAH and companies are following:

  • Yearly placements in Engineering-Computer Science areas: ~200
  • Yearly placements in Business-Economics areas: ~70
  • Yearly projects funded by Private companies in Engineering areas: ~20

In addition, UAH is involved currently in 2 Strategic Partnerships proposals (EMPL-OI and EUROPEHOME) to promote the international placements, development of entrepreneurial e-learning materials and Intellectual Outputs to connect EU stakeholders