The IO4 has proposed an Employer’s Guide to Quality Internships.

The final reports in English and translated to the different partner languages can be downloaded from here:

THE EMPLOYER GUIDE will contribute in:

  • Advise employers in setting up excellent internship schemes that benefit both the employer and the intern
  • The main objective of the guide consists in driving behavioural change from employers towards practical implementation of the quality internships with a complete understanding of the process
  • The Guide will also explain to employers how they can get a label to reward the excellence of their internship programmes and what are the benefits of it.

THE CONTENT OF THE EMPLOYER GUIDE  – The guide has been organized around 3  chapters.

  • The first chapter presents benefits of implementing quality internships and the importance of integration of youth in the labour market with a specific emphasis on direct gains for
  • The second chapter provides tips and ideas for setting up and running a successful quality internship scheme. It will explain the indicators of a quality internship, advice on how to implement them and help employers assess the quality of their internship policy
  • The third chapter offers a practical overview of business cases of organisations that offered and set-up already quality internships and how they complied with the standards based on exact measures and solutions realised internally Target group: employer associations and chambers of Commerce in Spain, Germany, France, Portugal and Belgium.