The development of an open source and multidirectional plugin software enabling us to connect the information produced by the rating system, listing of labelled companies and potentially internship offers (hosted on InternsGoPro platform) to any youth led traineeships sites, university intranet or career services in Europe.

The objective is to empower youth-led platforms and their users. By giving access to a shared pool of internship offers coming from different EU countries and a better knowledge of an employer quality in a given country, we hope to foster youth mobility.

For example, when “Jobsite A” posts an internship offer of an employer present in the shared database (hosted by InternsGoPro), the label and the rating of this employer will appear automatically on the offer. “Jobsite A” can also enable its users to rate featured  employers.

The produced data will be shared on the IGP  website and all the other connected platforms. This will increase the size of the common database of ratings.

The continuously collected data on internship conditions searchable by company, career field and location will be publicly available on all the partnering sites. The amount of users that see the ratings and that can potentially rate will be multiplied by the amount of partnering sites and the number of their visitors.


Here, in the following report document you can find the main results of the work done:

IO3 – Report