This output aims at creating a common online assessment system for internship. Research on the influencers of the implementation phase of the project – such as legal and regional contexts – will be a further guarantee of the project impact. A mapping of the best practices will help us make the project outputs as close as possible from stakeholders’ expectations.

There is a task of identifying key elements of the current regional socio-economic context, which affect youth employability and in particular the internship issue.
This will include state-of-the-art study of public policies and priorities at the regional level, the state of social dialogue, academic strategies, and economic circumstances.

Throughout the research, particular attention will also be paid to gender issues as recent Eurobarometer studies should that female are most inclined to receive unpaid internships. The online assessment (rating system) developed jointly by the partners with the support of external experts, it’s the main intellectual output of the project. Its implementation will depend on the design of common standards for the assessment of quality internship that will be delivered in the O1.


Develop a quality standard and a common vocabulary for internships relevant to all stakeholders
Create sufficient flexibility of the quality standards, to adapt it to existing internship practices and economies of EU member states proposed version: Design flexible quality standards that adapt to the existing internship practices and economies within the member states

FINAL Intellectual Output IO1 REPORT

Here, in the following report document  you can find the main results of the work done: