InternsGoPro is a social enterprise with the mission to boost youth integration in the labour market & promote internships that truly help students & graduates develop skills and get a job. It is made of two entities, a non-profit entity and a commercial entity whose mission is to generate sustainability to grow InternsGoPro’s impact. A large percentage of the revenue generated by commercial activities is systemically redistributed to fund social activities.

More particularly our goals are:
– The integration of young people into the labor market through the creation of a public and collaborative database of internship
evaluations, the centralization of quality internship offers and first jobs in Europe, and the labeling of the best employers through a
European label for quality internships;
– The collection and dissemination of information on human resources in companies;
– Evaluation of companies’ social performance to assess how they fit their development in the context of a responsible employment
strategy for youth.
Young people are thus the target audience for the actions of InternsGoPro.

InternsGoPro is located on three sites across Europe: Paris, Brussels and Berlin. Our headquarters now is in Berlin.

The conduct and participation in many projects with a European scale have made an outstanding contribution to the diversification and professionalism of our service. Among them are:
1. The creation of the European Label for Quality Internships: InternsGoPro embarked on a European tour in 6 countries to develop the label with key stakeholders. We interviewed dozens of organisations & internship experts, researched best practices and crowdsourced the best ideas of 200 interns & 8 NGO partners.
2. Lead organizer of the European Interns’ Day: Advocacy campaigns for youth labour rights are at the heart of InternsGoPro activities. Every year we organise the European Interns’ Day. As lead organiser, InternsGoPro built a network of 20 NGOs from 8 countries to:
2.1 Raise awareness about interns’ precarious conditions in Europe;
2.2 Call for new solutions to boost youth employment through internships with fair remuneration and quality training.