This final event has been an advocacy-focused targeted towards policy makers. Nevertheless students and youth NGOs were invited to attend the event too.

An opportunity to give further visibility to the online platform and the common indicators for quality internship as well as to discuss and exchange with the participants regarding the added value of these results to the political process of internship legislation.

Partners combined this second multiplier event with the “European/International Interns Day 2018”, a yearly 1-day conference organised by 20 youth-led NGOs since 2013 which brings together stakeholders on the internships issue ( The event always takes place in the European Parliament and host yearly more than 200 participants with MEPs, employers committed to quality internships, NGOs, students and journalists.

First part of the event (European Interns’ Day):
– Speeches from civil society representatives and decision makers on the importance of quality internships.
– Present the results of the final report, to share the knowledge gained on the internship situation in Europe.
– Promote the plugin as a powerful tool to create transparency on the labor market for students and graduates and generate big data on employers’ internship conditions.

Second part of the event (CAPQI workshops):
– Carry out workshops with employers to present the employer’s guide for implementing quality internships.
– Carry out a complete API Plugin training