This first event was held on 10th-November-2017, to disseminate the goals, benefits and aims of Projct’s IOs 1 to 3.

A sustainable software version and an employer guide was presented.
The event targeted intermediaries such as university career services, employer associations, etc. to promote the plugin and the employer guide for quality internships among European employers and universities.

First part of the event:
– Presentation of the state-of-the-art report, to share the knowledge and raise awareness about the importance of quality internships.
– Promote the plugin as a powerful tool to create transparency on the labour market for students and graduates and generate big data on employers’ internship conditions.
– Present the employer’s guide for implementing quality internships.

Second part of the event – Training

Main goal: be able to integrate it in websites, as well as promote the dissemination.

This training will be particularly useful to grant to participants (external to the consortium) access to the “partner plugin” (O3) which give them more freedom in the use of the data generated by the connected platforms. To be able to edit the data (and use this type of plug-in) participants will have to undertake this training to prove their good knowledge of the criteria defining a quality internship. Participants will receive a certification specifiying that they undertook this training.

The aim of the training is:
– Strengthening the competencies of participant organisations’ staff to assess the quality of internships programmes to facilitate the use and the spread of the plugin among the target audience.
– Creating communities gathering different stakeholders around the quality internship issue.
– Starting the “revolution” in field of internship: increasing interest and explaining the impact of creating transparency in the labour market practices through ratings and labels.

Here we show some pics of the event. A complete success! Thanks to all the participants!