2016/11 – Kickoff of CAPQI project!

November, 3rd of 2016 was the official kickoff meeting in Brussels.

One or two individuals of the CAPQI project members were at the meeting.

The Erasmus Student Network hosted this first  meeting at their offices located in Rue Joseph II 120, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium.

The kickoff agenda was the following:

1. Welcome and introduction to CAPQI project
2. Introduction of the partner institutions and representatives
3. General project guidelines, project description and project evaluation
4. Financial issues
5. Activities and tasks along the whole project duration in general and during the first year in particular with special focus on intellectual outputs, outcomes and the roles of participants.
6 Others
The project coordinator, Dr. Ignacio Bravo, welcomed all participants also introduced the rationale of the project and several coordination aspects.
Some important notes talked during the meeting were:

  • Logos for the CAPQI project and co-funded EU project required to be used in any dissemination document from the project.
  • Evaluation received from the National Agency: strengths and weaknesses of the project observed by the evaluators, to take them into consideration.
  • Formation of the Steering Committee members which will be responsible to take decisions on behalf of the consortium.
  • Composition of the Quality Assurance commitee.
  • Dates for all the transnational meetings and goals of each meeting.
  • Timeline for the first year

Finally, a short discussion fixed the next project coordination meeting at Fulda University as host organization: April, 28th – 2017.
Besides, at Fulda April 27th will be celebrating the Erasmus 30 years anniversary so a presentation of the CAPQI project will be made there.

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